Throne of Glass


Throne of Glass is the first installation in a series of five books. It follows the tale of Calaena Sardothien, a renowned assassin. To earn her freedom she must win the kings competition and become his champion.

Before I go any further, let me tell you, this book has got it all! You could not ask for more. You have violence, drama and a love interest, complete with a jealous Lady willing to do anything to get the man she wants.

Calaena Sardothien goes up against warriors, thieves and killers. Before her imprisonment she was the best, but is she still? Dangerous trials and fights that could mean her death are a constant throughout the novel. The fighting never ends and like I said neither does the drama! Between the Crown Prince and the Captain of the Guard, Calaena is not sure who to truly trust in this game of love and war. But, the drama does not just end there. There is a much bigger plan going on!


Without giving too much away, the book is closely linked with the sequels. In total there is a prequel book and another four books after Throne of Glass. With each book the mystery of this darkness, this evil, becomes much more clear and much more complicated for the characters. If you are going to read this book, make sure you have the time to read the others, it will not disappoint!

Something that Sarah J Maas does incredibly well is her character development. We all start reading a book having no clue who the characters are. The author knows them perfectly well (obviously!) and I have been unfortunate to come across books where the authors have not introduced you to their characters enough. By the end of the book they can still feel like strangers. With Throne of Glass you feel like you know the characters just as well as the person who created them. Within the first 100 pages you will find yourself completely immersed and in love with them all.

This book does not leave you with a huge cliffhanger like others do. Sarah J Maas took an alternative route on how to end her book. Instead, she leaves you asking questions and lots of them. You want to know what is to become of the characters. You keep asking yourself what is next in store for Calaena Sardothien. The mystery of the evil Calaena encounters is not fully answered either. As the story unfolds, many more questions come to light that Calaena and her comrades have yet to figure out. Though rest assured, everything is answered in due course.

This is not a series you will want to miss! You will fall in love with Sarah’s world. I highly recommend it to anyone who found an interest in the Hunger Games or Graceling.

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