If you don’t like werewolves, then this book is simply not for you. But if you like intense romance then this book is perfect. Elena Michaels may be another werewolf, but she is the only female werewolf in existence. She may have left her family in search for herself, but her family never forgot her. Now her family need her back, they need her help. That means facing the old flame that once betrayed her.

Elena Michaels is scary and brave, but she is not without fear. She fears for her family, for her old lover and for her new lover. Elena is, what I believe to be a true woman, throughout the entire book. She can be a hypocrite at times, yet always has a reason for it. She is extremely stubborn and can be childish when it suits her. But above all else she is filled with passion, devotion and integrity.

Clayton Danvers on the other hand is something else. He’s sexy. He’s incredibly smart. He also has a temper that he struggles to keep in check. But he loves with every fibre of his being. He is loyal to a fault and his passion rivals that of Elena’s. He is the type of character that at times you think you might hate, but you love him anyway.

One of my favourite characters is Jeremy. He is the leader of the werewolf pack and is like a father to Elena and Clayton. He’s patient, wise and above all else he is understanding. Unlike Clayton, you will love Jeremy throughout the entire book.

Now this book does have two flaws. The first being the plot. It seems like Kelley Armstrong is trying too hard to make the threat against the pack a mystery. I found it to be very obvious who was involved and why. This, unfortunately, lets the entire book down. As wonderful as the characters are, I find that a book that has an obvious climax to be very off putting.


What is even more off putting about this book is the ones that follow. In total there are thirteen books in this series. They don’t all follow Elena’s perspective like the first. The third and fourth book follow the perspective of a character you meet in the second book. Sadly, the fourth book is all I have managed to get to. It is a very long and at time tiresome read. If I didn’t like the characters so much I doubt I would have gotten that far in the series.

*WARNING* – This book does contain sexual scenes that may not be suitable for those under the age of 18. Message me if you would like more info.

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