The Academy


Sang Sorenson has just moved to a new town; Charleston. Her parents are barely around but when her mother is, things are not good. She has kept herself in isolation for a long time, but she desperately wants a fresh start and to be accepted by her classmates. One night, when Sang feels like escaping her home life for a few hours, she ends up getting run over…by a dog.

The owner of the dog, Kota (Dakota), quickly made friends with Sang and introduced her to his other friends. She is quick to bond and rely on them, but trusting new people is not something that comes easily to her, especially when they are keeping secrets. The boys believe they are keeping Sang safe by keeping her in the dark about what they do. The more she learns about the boys, the more she starts to piece things together about them and The Academy.

This is a relatively unknown series and is only available online. So far, there are ten books in the series, but rest assured, one book can easily be read in a few hours (approximately four hours). It is not the kind of book that will take long to read, but that does not make it any less enjoyable. By the end of the week I had read all ten books and I am really looking forward to the release of the eleventh.

The books can seem long winded, but you tend not to think about it too much, because once you get to know each of the characters, particularly the boys, you’re hooked! The first book does not have a lot of depth as far as the characters are concerned, but you can see this depth growing the more Sang learns about them throughout the series. With the book being written in Sang’s perspective, I am not surprised that we are not given a lot of knowledge about each character in the first book. Sang does not get to know all of them well all at once, which makes it more understandable that you will only understand more about them as she does. She’s shy, does not trust easily and the boys are not exactly open with her at first either. They have their secrets.

Some people on Amazon reviews have criticised Sang herself for not understanding social norms despite the background that she comes from. I understand why they have criticised this and in some ways, they are right. Some of the social norms that Sang appears to lack knowledge in, she really should not as she has been outside her home before, she has gone to school before. But, I like Sang as she is. I like the inexperience about her. Personally, I think it adds to the charm of her character.

Now it would take me a while to go through all of the boy’s characters individually. There are nine of them! They each bring something to their group dynamic. They are all good looking, that’s understatement, but they each have their own thing. Be it, music, science, fashion, cars, computers, they all have something unique about them that sets them apart. I love how these group of friends that have known each other for so long, still remain individuals.

I would recommend this book to those looking for something light to read. It is not incredibly hard read and I managed to read one book in a little over two hours (though I am a fast reader!). This series could be immensely expanded with numerous spin off series about each of the boys and their past. C. L. Stone has already got one spin off series of The Academy going. This spin off involves a different group of people, though the others appear here and there throughout it.

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