The big question

Which is better, a book or a kindle?

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I love having an actual book in my hands, being able to smell and turn the pages. The only problem I tend to have is that books can be anywhere from an average of £5.99 to £12. Waterstones does some fantastic buy one get one half price deals on selected books, plus if you have a Waterstones rewards card and buy as many books as I do, then you can earn quite a bit of extra money.

Now the benefit of having a kindle is that books tend to be much cheaper in price, from them being free to £4 on average. You can keep up over 100 books in your bag in the size of a small Ipad. If you get tired of one, there are plenty more to choose from. It is ideal if you are going away on holiday or a long trip. Also, up and coming authors tend to have their first books published on kindle to gain a response from an audience before putting it into paper publication. I have got my eye on a few authors that could make it big one day.

I may use kindle to look for a quick read or to keep my eye on upcoming authors, but I could never have my favourite books on a kindle. Any money I spend towards a good story is money well spent to me, so the difference in price is not a motivating factor to me.

I will take an actual book over a kindle any day.

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