A young boy has been killed by a local wolf pack in Mercy Falls, leaving the town scared and anxious. All except Grace. She is not afraid of the wolves, but admires them. She looks forward to the Winter season where they make their appearances. It would seem they just disappear when the weather gets warmer. Sam is a young boy that turns up on Grace’s back door injured. She helps as best she can, but his eyes reminds Grace of one specific wolf that she has watched since she was young. Coincidence?

Grace first appears to have a pretty awesome life, but it soon becomes clear that her parents are not around as much as she would like. That is when Sam enters her life and everything infinitely seems better.

Sam is a character that you fall in love with so quickly. He sings, plays the guitar, is down to earth…basically perfect dating material. He is not without his own flaws, but his soft character met with Grace’s assertiveness is a wonderful combination.

Now there are some twists and turns in this book that involve other people, but the main plot line is focused on Sam and Grace’s relationship. There is no cheating in this book, there is no question of whether these two love birds like each other or not. It is all instantaneous, which adds to the charm of the book. It is written from both Sam and Grace’s point of view. This makes it a much more interesting read. You are never left wondering what the other character is thinking.


What sets this book apart from other werewolf stories is the notion of werewolves and their transformation. It is not as simple as being bitten and then the character can turn in to a wolf whenever they want. It is a very unique take on werewolves and their transformation.

These characters, the scenery, what they go through, it all sticks with you. It is not a book that you can forget about it easily. I read the trilogy a few years ago now and to this day I remember this perfect little date scene that the characters go through. It is snowing outside, but Sam is determined to take Grace to this lovely little sweet shop. It is so romantic and I will not spoil it for anyone by saying anything more. It is such a simple scene, but it is something that has stuck with me.

I have noticed some people making comments criticising the book for the two main characters having sex at their age. Grace is 17 and Sam is 18 years old. I do not really see any issue with this myself. Across the world the legal age limit to have sex varies and at least the two characters are in love with each other when this does happen. It is not as if it is casual. They are serious about each other and care for one another.

This is the perfect winter book. I recommend getting a blanket, hot chocolate and sitting in front of a warm fire to read this book.

Now if you have read this book, you will know all about the song is Sam writing. If you
haven’t, don’t worry, it is not a major secret, just incredibly cute! Now, on the authors YouTube channel she posts her own animations trailers for her books. In the final book trailer, ‘Forever’, the song Sam is writing is brought to life by Jonas and Plunkett. It is that little extra something that truly brings these characters to life. (


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