The Black Blossom


My favourite read of 2016 was The Black Blossom by C J Anaya; it is the sequel in The Healer series. To fully understand what is happening you really should read The Healer first. Hope thought she was a normal girl living a plain life, but she was wrong. She is part of an old prophecy and possess’ a gift that could save people from evil. Add in two hot gods competing for her affection while protecting her from getting killed and you have yourself one hell of a story.

I prefer the second book to the first only because of the history it portrays. You get transported in to a different time and place as Hope relives past memories of her being an Asian princess. You get to witness the making of a strong and powerful woman. She does everything she can to save her people from the raging evil that is trying to rise up from the underworld. Even if that means going against her father to do it. She spies on her father, gaining information for the rebel army that is rising up against his rule. She trains in secret, away from the palace, to become a warrior, to defend herself in battle. As her feelings grow for her instructor, the man she is betrothed to comes in to the picture. Thus we have a love triangle of epic proportions; but these men have their secrets and not small ones either.

Their not exactly ordinary gods. Each of them is given a certain task that they must perform for the rest of their lives. One of them is in charge of protecting and upholding the veil. The veil is a mystical force that keeps evil forces in the underworld. The other is in charge of love. He is basically a modern day cupid helping mortals find their perfect match. Death scorned both of them and led one to do the unthinkable.

I have come across some ebooks that could be read extremely quickly and I always found that disappointing because they were good stories. This series is nothing like that. It takes at least a minimum of three hours to read, if you skim read through it. I don’t recommend it as the finer details are important. It is an ebook that doesn’t need to be rushed, you can take your time and enjoy it.

The historical aspect in this book is what got me transfixed the most. Despite being fictional, it is quite accurate from an historians perspective. The swords, the clothing, even the way people would act is realistic for the time it’s set in.

At the end of the book, Hope reawakens to the present time and now fully understands her gift, the gods before her and what she must do to protect humanity.

There is another two ebooks that follow on from this one. One of them was released recently. I believe that this series is currently only available on kindle. The ebooks get more expensive the further in to the series you go. No more than £4.00 and I believe it is completely worth it.

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