The first book I read


I was not the type of child who always loved reading. Actually, quite the opposite. Until I was about 12 years old, I hated reading. My reasoning was that I did not find any book interesting.

When I went to comprehensive school I had an English teacher who would make one lesson a fortnight a silent reading lesson. We were allowed to choose anything, a magazine, a book,  a comic, as long as we would read it in silence. We could borrow from the school’s library or from the teachers personal library that she kept inside her classroom.

At first I had chosen a random book that I was going to pretend to read, but I actually really got in to it. The book was called The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike, explaining my obsession with young adult fiction and fantasy books. At the time I had started taking an interest in history and the historical notions laid out in the book piqued my interest. From there I was hooked and pulled in to another world, another place and anther time. I ended up reading the entire series within a few lessons.


I ended up going to a book store with my mother and nan the weekend I finished The Last Vampire series. It was there, in a WhSmith shop, in a small town called Pontypridd, that I bought my first real book (the short books I read when I was a child don’t really count). The Immortals by Alyson Noël helped to spur on my obsession with the supernatural world.

We owe a lot to our teachers, especially ones like my English teacher, who push us and support us. If it wasn’t for my English and History teachers I don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing today. I know I wouldn’t have this blog and I know I wouldn’t be doing this well in university without the skills they taught me.

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