My Commander


Fearing that their sons will never get the chance to meet their mates, the mothers of the unit warriors convince their own mates (the warriors fathers) that something must be done! So, the witch Elder casts a spell to draw their sons mates to them. Aiden McKenzie thinks a mate would get in the way of his job leading the warriors, splitting his intense focus. Then in comes Meryn Evans, a quirky, fun loving and odd character that you can’t get enough of. Their an unlikely match but Fate knows exactly what she is doing.

This book is absolutely one of my favourites. It had me laughing pretty much from the get go, but don’t be fooled, the Bewitched and Bewildered books have also had me in tears as well.


Aiden McKenzie = a bear shift in charge of all the units warriors across the four pillar cities (supernatural cities hidden from humans). The warrior life is the only one he knows. He has a laptop that is probably one of the first ones ever invented, it’s that old! But what do you expect from someone who is hundreds of years old themselves?

Meryn Evans = a human who can kick ass with a laptop and potentially take over the world with it. Lover of Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek…you get the gist. She hates interacting with people and those she does interact with find her to be very blunt and honest. She’s quirky, sarcastic, has a “slight” temper but her heart is always in the right place.

Put Aiden and Meryn together and all kinds of things can happen. Meryn, despite seeing the “Private Property” sign, decides to climb over a fence when she is out exploring the new town she moved into and ends up being “kidnapped” by Aiden. They may be total opposites and Aiden may never understand her pop culture references, but their mates and their differences make them a much better team.

From there on, the book is filled with non stop action! Meryn doesn’t do well with others like I said, especially snobby noble families that she has to meet. That doesn’t mean she can’t fake it like a pro! There’s just one hitch in Aiden and Meryn’s mating; someone wants to kill Meryn.

Shifters have the ability to turn “feral”. They loose their soul and their bodies begin to rot. Killing Meryn would turn one of the most powerful shifters, Aiden,  feral. Once you go feral there is no going back, there is no saving you.

The ferals that want to turn Aiden are surrounded by mystery. No one can see them like normal ferals. No can smell their bodies rotting like normal ferals. In fact, they don’t act like normal ferals. Instead of working on their own doing brainless, thoughtless acts, they are now organised, manipulative and cunning.

These two aren’t the only characters you get to love along the way. Meryn ends up getting a squire, because being mated to Aiden is the equivalent of becoming royalty. Sei Ryuu is a complete mystery, even to Meryn. We only know that the last family he was taking care of back in Japan died out and he moved over to America where he believes fate brought him to Meryn. He has insanely cool powers, but I can’t figure out what type of supernatural he is. I’m 80% sure he’s not a witch, I think he’s something else entirely in these books. We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Then there’s the other members of Aiden’s unit, the men that are like his brothers in a way, even if their not flesh and blood. Colton (wolf shifter) is always smiling, optimistic and up for a laugh. Gavriel (vampire) is seductively sweet, kind…silently, beautifully dangerous is how I would describe him best. He has something about him, I can’t think of the right word to accurately describe Gavriel, so that will have to do. Keelan (witch), well, he’s the baby of the unit and the guys don’t really let him forget it. He’s the nicest of them all, willing to do anything to help out someone in need. He certainly bring a youthful voice to the uni warriors. Then there’s Darian (fae), he’s relatively quiet and silent in this particular book, but we really learn more about him as we move through the series. It is lovely to see a character like Darian grow in to himself and truly discover what he is capable of becoming.

You get to know all of these amazing characters the more you read in to the series. In each of the books in the Bewitched and Bewildered series you get to see different sides to all of the characters.

The mystery of these new ferals is one that I cannot figure out. I have no clue what is going to happen in these books. Which is a first for me, I usually get some sort of inkling as to how the book is going to end, or where the mystery leads when I get halfway through a book, but Alanea Alder has honestly left me stumped on this one!


Just a warning to readers that this book does contain sexual language and sexual scenes, so please be aware of that!

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