My Protector


Gavriel Ambrosios has been dreaming of his mate for weeks, but he is reaching what is known as his apex, a time when he is at his most dangerous and his most vulnerable. Elizabeth Monroe makes her way to Lycaonia in hopes to hide out while the humans she was working with forgets the accidental dive she took out a building window. The enemy knowing what Gavriel is going through targets him, hoping to turn him feral to join them, but who is the bigger threat to Elizabeth? The unknown enemy or Gavriel?

The second book the in the Bewtiched and Bewildered series, once again, has captivated me. It still has its funny moments making you want to laugh along with the characters, and its serious ones that make you want to cry alongside them too.

Instead of following on from the story of Aiden and Meryn’s story, Alanea Alder cleverly decided to steer the story towards Aiden’s second in command; Gavriel. Though Meryn and Aiden definitely pop up along the way with the same quirky and lovable moments.

By doing this, we get to see different sides of all of the characters. We get to see Meryn in a different light, slowly becoming much more vulnerable in her own, but at the same time you see such a strength in her from looking from Elizabeth’s perspective. The same can be said for the other members of the Alpha unit.

If you liked the troublemaker Meryn, then you will love the political savvy Elizabeth. She can turn the tide in any conversation. Growing up as a Princes niece, she learned exactly how to talk to the obnoxious nobles that can be found in Lycaonia.

“Oh? Are they mated? I thought Caspian was his assistant. His good looks are simply be wasted being mated to another man”, Daphne sighed.

Elizabeth smiled at the other ladies before looking at Daphne. “I didn’t realise that the ruling houses in Lycaonia were so out of touch. That’s just sad.”

And it only gets better from there! I love how the writer brings in prejudices such as same sex matings and the people who don’t care because it simply has nothing to do with them and isn’t there decision. It is also nice to see the prejudices that go on behind their couples backs and how people do stick up for them.

Overall, I enjoyed this book as much as the first. All of my favourite characters are back in action and there are more coming along that I have fallen in love with too!


Once again be warned this book does contain sexual content!

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