My Healer


Colton Albright is a wolf shifter that is always hungry and use to be constantly smiling. Not so much anymore though. Recently he is haunted by his dreams, draining him of his usual happy energy.

Rheia Bradley lives to help others, but forgets to look after herself from time to time. When arriving in Lycaonia for protection, Colton and Rheia are united. There’s just one small glitch. Rheia must put someone else before her happiness. A small 4 year old girl that Rheia adopted.

Ferals are after the child and no one can seem to figure out why. The warriors quickly need to learn how to look after one so small while again protecting those they love dearly.

The third instalment is potentially even funnier than the second. We may take on the perspective of Colton and Rheia but all of the characters from before are back.

Meryn is driving everyone crazy while still managing to be adorable. Aidan is ready to fight and lead his men in to all kinds of battles, including one revolving around night nappies.

We have crazy Meryn and the politically savvy Beth. Now we can add a headstrong doctor to the list. She’s an invaluable asset, discovering things about the ferals that the men never thought could be possible if it had not been for her.

Seems that fate is giving the warriors not only the mates they need but the skills sets needed to be able to defeat the mystery feral threat looming over them.

Filled with drama, humour and action from page one right till the very end. Alanea Alder does not disappoint!


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