My Saviour


All her life Amelia has dreamt of a Golden Prince warming her heart, promising a future that only exists in fairy tales.

Her Golden Prince, Darian, all but shatters her heart, rejecting her. Darian cannot acknowledge Amelia as his mate, his one and only, due to the darkness in his own heart.

What Darian doesn’t understand is that his rejection is sending Amelia into her own personal darkness.

Four books and yet Alanea Alder can still find a way to keep her readers engaged.

This book does not start like the others. The prologue is set thirty years earlier. It’s such a sweet and romantic way to begin. A young girls prince giving her a piece of the light from his heart in order to recognise her when she is older and they can mate officially.

As wonderful as this book is, it is much more sad than the others. One of my favourite characters becomes very injured and all hope for him seems lost.

Of course, you still have Meryn wrecking havoc. It wouldn’t be a Bewitched and Bewildered book if she wasn’t.

I really don’t want to give too much away because this is such a complete page turner with more drama than the others. It’s much more serious as well, but that doesn’t deter from the humorous parts that are there.

P.S. Felix, the sprite, made me want to start crying with him at one point!


Basically, if you’ve made it to book three, then you must read book four!

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