My Brother’s Keeper


It was two hundred years ago that Kendrick Ashwood foresaw the gruesome death of his baby brother. killed in the line of duty serving the Alpha unit in Lycaonia. Kendrick begins to relax as the centuries go by, believing his prayers have been answered.

During an attack, Kendrick feels his goddaughters magic flare uncontrollably. when he merges with her in an attempt to control it, he learns of the tragedy that has befallen him through her. He rushes to Lycaonia to find out who would dare hurt his family.

Anne learns that her new best friend has been seriously hurt. Her heart breaks when she learns Keelan had also been dreaming of her. As a nurse, Anne Bennett looks after Keelan as best she can and Kendrick discovers even more horrifiying truths about the ferals and the necklaces they wear.

That’s a really long synopsis, but I feel that all of the info in it is needed to grasp these two characters.

Kendrick is scarily like Meryn; only male; with magic; and is thousands of years old.

Anne is a simple human girl that put her studies on hold to look after her father. She eventually became a nurse and went on to working at a hospital.

Crazy Meryn – Political Savvy Beth – Dr. Rheia – Make-up Artist Amelia – and now Nurse Anne. Is there a pattern hear? No? You’ll see it eventually.

I feel like the humor comes back in this one, as well as the mystery. through this is more the characters trying not to mourn than the plot line being humoress. The plot line is still thick with tension, mystery and sadness, but the characters are refusing to acknowledge the sadness because Keelan would not want it.

I also love Kendrick. He’s a complete badass, no question about it. I like Anne as well, but Kendrick captured my focus more in this book.

I absolutely loved the big revelation at the end. In My Saviour I was so sad to read what happened to Keelan, but was thrilled to find hope for him near the end of this book. I seems like fate has been playing her hand for a long time.


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