My Brother’s Keeper


It was two hundred years ago that Kendrick Ashwood foresaw the gruesome death of his baby brother. killed in the line of duty serving the Alpha unit in Lycaonia. Kendrick begins to relax as the centuries go by, believing his prayers have been answered.

During an attack, Kendrick feels his goddaughters magic flare uncontrollably. when he merges with her in an attempt to control it, he learns of the tragedy that has befallen him through her. Continue reading

My Saviour


All her life Amelia has dreamt of a Golden Prince warming her heart, promising a future that only exists in fairy tales.

Her Golden Prince, Darian, all but shatters her heart, rejecting her. Darian cannot acknowledge Amelia as his mate, his one and only, due to the darkness in his own heart. Continue reading

My Healer


Colton Albright is a wolf shifter that is always hungry and use to be constantly smiling. Not so much anymore though. Recently he is haunted by his dreams, draining him of his usual happy energy.

Rheia Bradley lives to help others, but forgets to look after herself from time to time. When arriving in Lycaonia for protection, Colton and Rheia are united. There’s just one small glitch. Rheia must put someone else before her happiness. A small 4 year old girl that Rheia adopted. Continue reading

My Protector


Gavriel Ambrosios has been dreaming of his mate for weeks, but he is reaching what is known as his apex, a time when he is at his most dangerous and his most vulnerable. Elizabeth Monroe makes her way to Lycaonia in hopes to hide out while the humans she was working with forgets the accidental dive she took out a building window. The enemy knowing what Gavriel is going through targets him, hoping to turn him feral to join them, but who is the bigger threat to Elizabeth? The unknown enemy or Gavriel? Continue reading

My Commander


Fearing that their sons will never get the chance to meet their mates, the mothers of the unit warriors convince their own mates (the warriors fathers) that something must be done! So, the witch Elder casts a spell to draw their sons mates to them. Aiden McKenzie thinks a mate would get in the way of his job leading the warriors, splitting his intense focus. Then in comes Meryn Evans, a quirky, fun loving and odd character that you can’t get enough of. Their an unlikely match but Fate knows exactly what she is doing. Continue reading



Enter a world where fire and ice are mortal enemies.

In this gripping novel being a living Fireblood is a crime when your kingdom is ruled by a ruthless Frostblood king. When soldiers raid Ruby’s home, she is left with nothing and put in to a cold, dark prison.

Continue reading

The Black Blossom


My favourite read of 2016 was The Black Blossom by C J Anaya; it is the sequel in The Healer series. To fully understand what is happening you really should read The Healer first. Hope thought she was a normal girl living a plain life, but she was wrong. She is part of an old prophecy and possess’ a gift that could save people from evil. Add in two hot gods competing for her affection while protecting her from getting killed and you have yourself one hell of a story. Continue reading